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Fairborn Cement Company’s masonry lines are registered and marketed under the MIAMI trade name.

Masonry cement when combined with mason sand and clean water, produce masonry mortar. Mortar is the glue that bonds masonry units like brick, block and stone together to form a single mass. Combined and with the artful hand of an experienced mason, beautiful, long-lasting structures are created. Colored masonry cement adds another layer to the design and opens up additional possibilities. Incorporating color into a design provides opportunities to the architect in the form of aesthetically enhanced functionality. Builders like the wide range of options that they can offer their customers and homeowners enjoy choosing a color that complements their new or existing home.

Whether your choice is the natural beauty of standard grey masonry cement or the enhanced options of colored masonry cement, you can be assured that Fairborn Cement Company’s MIAMI masonry products will deliver on expectations.