Redland Brick Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Belden Holding & Acquisition Company, Inc., is located in Williamsport, Maryland. Redland Brick has five brick manufacturing plants including two in Maryland, and one each in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia. Redland Brick produces a wide range of brick products, featuring both moulded and extruded styles.

Their moulded brick plants, Cushwa and Rocky Ridge, have established themselves as the premier molded brick producers in the U.S. The Cushwa plant also produces authentic Handmade brick which is handcrafted by experienced brick makers and cannot be replicated by any of today’s brick making machines. Their modern Harmar plant, located in suburban Pittsburgh offers a variety of products including fireclay, red shale, and sand coated bricks. Also, their KF plant, located in South Windsor, Connecticut is a modern extruded plant that supplies quality brick products for New England and the Mid-Atlantic markets.